"I'm supposed to love this, but I feel like I'm slowly hardening and turning to cement. Soon, I will suffocate."

That's what I said to my husband a few years ago after another long day of work.

I was the CEO of a 25-employee non-profit with 18 board members and a ton of highly-involved community stakeholders (including the police department, the sheriff’s department, the DAs office, and state legislators).


What got me into my work was passion and drive.

What got me sick and fried my immune system was the stress of crazy-long hours, feeling emotionally on-call for every company flare-up, and the enormous energetic toll it took to manage a million expectations from every direction. 

I felt alone, isolated, deflated, and completely exhausted.

If we haven't met, I'm Hayley Collins.

I'm a coach, consultant, and CEO devoted to significantly lessening the learning curve for women who not only desire to be the top boss lady, but more importantly want to set a brand new example of what it can look like.

Prior to starting my consulting business, I worked in corporate America for five years—including leveling up through the ranks of a prominent national insurance company to become the youngest regional supervisor—leading a team of over 150. 

After that I decided to leverage my experience and skills to make an even bigger impact in the non-profit sector. I worked in the non-profit world for over seven years before rising to the CEO role for a children’s advocacy center. I have a masters degree in Community Development Policy and Practice; and am a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute.

I understand what it means to be a driven achiever. I also know that sometimes women like us pay a steep price. If we're not careful we can easily sacrifice our health, relationships, and personal fulfillment for career success that ends up flattening us.

I don't want burn-out to be the only option for powerful, female leaders.

With the right support system, you CAN create a balance between your individual needs and your professional aspirations.

My private clients and the women I work with in my group programs and courses are not only learning how to blaze new trails where they're landing or creating the CEO roles they want (because, trust me...the financial freedom rocks!), but they're also understanding how to approach all the intricacies of the role with emotional ease and strategic clarity.

You know how you praise, support, and champion everyone on your team so they can perform at their best?

Well, you need that too.

And that's hard to come by. Until now.


Are you ready to experience support that goes miles beyond what your partner, mom, best friend, or Facebook business group can give you?



Success Stories

Jennifer Hennings Hayley Collins Coaching

Before working with Hayley, I was having trouble making time for business development, marketing, and strategic thinking. She helped me define and organize my priorities and helped me be more purposeful, intentional, and focused in how I use my time. As I move toward my goals with her, I feel relief and joy. I would highly recommend Hayley's services to any entrepreneur or business leader who is struggling to juggle the myriad challenges and conflicting priorities of business, family, and life!



Hayley is one of the most intuitive and empathetic people I have ever met. She has the innate ability to hear what you are not saying. While working with her I feel completely heard, accepted and challenged (as she's incredibly good at asking the perfect question to uncover my own breakthrough insights). I have had so many 'ah-ha!' moments working with Hayley that I'll carry with me for life. She was born to be a coach.



Hayley is a warm and intuitive coach with an excellent knack for building leadership skills. Her experience as an executive director brings a wealth of knowledge and drive that empowers women to be the best they can be in all areas of their life. I love working with Hayley and would recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic and transformative coach.



I’ve had several coaches over the last decade, many that were good, but none quite like Hayley. I would recommend her to anyone who is really willing to put in the work. She’s not going to let you off the hook, but she is going support you, be kind, caring, and compassionate towards you and has amazing skill and talent (and intuitiveness) to coach people into being their best selves!



Hayley truly has a gift in helping people bring out the best versions of themselves. She is an amazing listener and always cared so much about me and all of my life goals. I love how Hayley provides me touch challenges and great advice on how to get there. Hayley is fantastic and I always look forward to our next coaching call.