I remember my first day as a new CEO.

I had spent years working my way through grad school and through the ranks of corporate America.
When I reached my goal, I thought "YES! I finally made it!"

And then I closed the door of my big, brand new office and panic set in...

"Holy sh*t. Who did I fool to get this job?
Um, and now what the hell am I supposed to do?"



I knew I signed up for hard work, but I wasn't prepared for the deep loneliness that grew from my colossal responsibilities.

I had an entire company of people to take care of.
Stakeholders watching my every step.
A to-do list that multiplied to humanly impossible lengths.

I felt starved for support because as you're well-aware, my CEO sister, the leader of the company doesn't often receive praise or positive feedback. We get blamed and criticized. Doubted and whispered about.

There is little room for us to show up as our authentic selves, not to mention someone who wants a healthy and balanced life while being a leader. 

You want health, balance, a thriving and happy personal life without sacrificing your professional life. And, you want a thriving professional life without sacrificing your personal life. 

You can have both. You just need to learn some key tools, tips and tricks to get your there. 

Leadership isn't rocket science. There is no great wizard behind the curtain that is omnipotent. But, I can share with you what I have learned along way. No need to reinvent the wheel, spend countless hours running Google searches and reading articles only to have a piecemeal approach from people who don't really get it.

You are different.

You want to love being a leader and be a damn good one! 

What makes you different is that you actually want to take the time to build your leadership toolbox, so that you can be the leader of your business in a way that feels authentic, sustainable and joyful to you NOW.

You want to be a resilient leader, which is why I created the Millennial CEO Bootcamp.

That's exactly why I created The Millennial CEO Bootcamp™.

Because spinning your wheels (and spending your time, energy, and money) on cookie cutter executive coaching, workshops, seminars, and books—just sucks.

Sucks the life right out of you.

And you deserve more than that.

I want you to have what I didn't:

  • Someone to get in the trenches you
  • A community of fellow leaders who get it
  • Support & guidance on the gritty stuff
  • Templates and worksheets 
  • Strategic advice based on real experience
  • Powerful centering & confidence exercises
  • Skill development in the areas you feel weak
  • Understanding what leadership means for you


The Millennial CEO Bootcamp™ is ONE PLACE (located conveniently on your computer screen) where you can get the essentials to develop your leadership abilities without hiring more mentors or consultants; and without stressful business trips to seminars that feel like "more work."


It's a place where you won't be judged for what you don't know.
And you'll learn exactly what you need to fast!


Hey there! I'm Hayley Collins.

I'm an executive coach and consultant. But before that, I was on the fast track in corporate America for five years—including leveling up through the ranks of a prominent national insurance company to become the youngest regional supervisor—leading a team of over 150. 

I decided to use the skills I gained in that chapter of my career to make an even bigger impact in the non-profit sector. I worked in the non-profit world for over seven years before rising to the CEO role for a children’s advocacy center.

Like you, I love challenging work. But as you know—burnout is fierce.

Now I help women who are wearing the same CEO stilettos I was. While my learning curve was steep, yours doesn't have to be. I can help you figure out all the moving parts of your new situation so you can not only be the leader you've always dreamed of, but truly love it AND be seriously good at it.


By the end of bootcamp, you'll feel clear and in control of your daily life and longterm vision.


You'll know how to do all the things you're overwhelmed by:


organize your time
map a mission for your company
set boundaries
build trust
manage stakeholders
plan effective presentations & meetings
handle toxic employees
find your voice
create a feedback loop
use your age to your advantage

...and so much more.


The Millennial CEO Bootcamp™ is an 8-week online course.


8 workbooks
Exclusive Facebook community for 24/7 connection and feedback

And, a few little surprise gifts because who doesn't like surprises and gifts?!

The Structure & Breakdown

Each week you'll receive emails directing you to our current lesson, along with all the resources!

Join the Millennial CEO Bootcamp and become a part of our Millennial CEO Society where you can mingle with and learn from other leaders just like yourself! Part of being a successful leader is surrounding yourself with the right kinds of people. In the Millennial CEO Society, you'll find every type of leader, from emerging to seasoned. You'll be encouraged, advised, pushed to meet your goals, and kept accountable! 

The Millennial CEO Bootcamp is your life coach, executive leadership coach, strategic consultant, and business mentor all rolled into one.

Why waste your energy piecemealing and cobbling together your professional development?
Why waste your time Googling answers to your complex situations?
Why waste your money on books, programs, or coaching that aren't designed for CEOs by a CEO?

It's time to stop acting like a frantic manager.

You can make such a positive difference in the world. But first, you must learn how to do it in a way that allows room for you; that doesn't make you feel resentful; or force you to quit.

If you're ready to learn how to become an empowered leader...
If you want to be regarded as a respected, inspiring visionary...

Then  join us inside The Millennial CEO Bootcamp.



Are you talking yourself out of it because you're...

Worried about the expense?

An expense costs you. An investment pays you back in dividends. This program is an investment in your leadership skills. One that will positively impact your ability to get hired, stay in control, lead with skill, and make a brighter impact in the world. Unfortunately, your career didn't come with a comprehensive leadership toolkit. You need to take the reigns and make the commitment to invest in yourself. I believe your career success and personal fulfillment depends on your proactive approach to expanding your skills and deepening your confidence. Always.

Think you don't have time?

You do. You simply need to make your own needs a priority. The course has eight modules broken out over the span of eight weeks, however, you can go at your own pace and take the course at whatever speed works best for you and your busy schedule. If you upgrade to the live group coaching, those calls (1.5 hours each) will take place every week for eight weeks. The lessons will be delivered to you via email. For each module, you'll receive a video lesson along with a homework assignment. As a CEO, I know you are short on time. Each module is concise. Additionally, you will have lifetime access to the course including future updates to the program.

Unsure an online course is the right training for you?

Growing as a leader is an inside job that requires action and consistency. The beauty of an online course is that it gives you the ability to learn and grow any time, anywhere. CEOs have a crazy busy workload. I get this. That's why I designed the modules and all the materials to be highly concentrated and easily accessible. You'll get a lot of usable resources and tools in a short amount of time. And the best part? You can tailor your training time around your unique schedule.

Wondering about the ROI?

Like a gym membership, this experience will be a waste of money if you don't do the work. You will absolutely get out of it what you put into it. I know of no other course tuned specifically to the unique challenges female millennial CEOs face on a daily basis, which is why I created it. If you want to get more done in your organization. If you want to feel really secure with your decisions. If you want to be a leader who excites momentum and stays cool and collected under pressure, then you'll love learning my strategies and tactics!

Not sure you can attend the group calls?

A group coaching call is a great way to connect with other likeminded women. They're also a great space to:

  • get your questions answered
  • seek advice about real life situations
  • get support and feedback on topics you feel stressed about
  • share your wisdom and experiences  

If you can't make it to the live calls, no worries. All the calls are recorded and posted in the membership site. P.S. Don't forget...the calls are optional.

Wondering when the next session starts?

We will be launching the course soon, so be sure to get on the wait list now to get all the updates (you can do that above). We only offer this course two times per year.