Here's the problem with a lot of group coaching programs and masterminds:

They don't address the unique challenges faced on a daily basis by millennial CEOs. Instead, you often get a bunch of perspectives and theories from well-intentioned people at various stages of their careers and businesses—with little CEO experience (if any) to draw upon.

A CEO mastermind should be your BRAINTRUST.

It should be the place where you take your biggest tangles and get them smoothed out quickly with the help of wise experts generously sharing direct tips and advice. And it should give you a safe place to vent or a strong shoulder to cry on when you need to get it all out.

That's exactly what The Millennial CEO Sisterhood is.


Hey there! I'm Hayley Collins. Coach, consultant, and CEO sister.

I help millennial women gain the confidence, business skills and all of the mindsets required to build their leadership abilities so they can land the CEO role and more importantly, truly LOVE IT.

My year-long mastermind is a private group of savvy female leaders who share their challenges, vulnerabilities, strength, and softness—to elevate and support one another through the personal and professional overload that is an inherent part of being at the top.

Hayley’s experience as an executive director provides a wealth of knowledge. She drives and empowers women to be the best they can be in all areas of their life!
— Melissa Robbins, Head Recruiter, Pinterest


What will you do if...

➤ The board chair confronts you because he's concerned about your leadership style and the success of the business under your direction.

➤ An employee asks for a raise and you're on the fence about whether or not they actually deserve it.

➤ A key stakeholder or prominent community member is pressuring you to implement their suggestion (and it's getting harder to dodge them).

➤ You have specific personality and skill strengths that may not seem aligned with the more technical aspects of your job. Things like: business registration and licensing, financial reporting (P&L, budget vs. actual, balance sheet, etc.), public relations, grant development, creating financial forecasts, SWOT analysis & strategic planning, employee conflict, and so much more.

You need to ask for a raise (because you now realize you were low-balled when they hired you) and you're pretty uncomfortable about it.

➤ You're not sleeping well at night because if this ship goes down while you're at the helm, you're not sure how you'll recover.

➤ It seems everybody on your staff has forgotten you're an actual human being with needs, sensitivities, emotions, and you know...a life.

➤ Your relationship feels starved from your long hours, short temper, cell-phone interruptions, and emotional exhaustion—and you have no idea how to fix things.

➤ Your body starts to feel brittle and bloated from eating on the go, sitting all day, and the complete avoidance of all the things you used to find fun.

In the Millennial CEO Sisterhood, we'll work through all of this arm in arm...and so much more!


12  months of mastermind calls 2 times per month (2 hours each) with 8-16 other high achieving CEOs who are happy to share resources, tools, mistakes, and solutions to specific issues. 

12 months of private group lessons, challenges, and action steps to expand your knowledge, soothe your nerves, and strengthen emotional and mental resilience.

One individual, one-on-one call every month with Hayley to dive into the lessons and help you learn how to apply your newfound savviness to targeted situations.

A private VIP Facebook group where you can mingle and form friendships with the other CEOs. Your partner, parents, best friends, therapist, or life coach may never understand the depth of your stresses. But your CEO sisters sure will. And that will feel like sweet relief.

Time on each group coaching call to share and receive feedback on topics you need help with right away.


If you've ever struggled like our CEO sisters, this mastermind is exactly what you've been looking for (but wasn't sure actually existed).


"I need to improve my financial literacy & organization skills."

"I want to learn how to develop strategic partnerships with other organizations."

"I feel busy all the time, but self-conscious about what I'm actually accomplishing."

"I'm an introvert, but need to get my face in the community."

"I need to get more comfortable asserting myself with my team."

"My team needs to trust me as a leader, but I secretly feel like an imposter."

"I'm worried about screwing up, so I don't take risks. I'm scared to hire, and it's holding us back."

"I feel intimidated about engaging my board of directors. It's exhausting."

"We're overspending and I need to learn how to put my foot down with confidence."

"I take a lot on because I want it done right. I need to learn how to develop my team and delegate."


Your monthly calls, group lessons, personal coaching, and 24/7 CEO sister support will give you the resources, perspective, action steps, and courage to create a whole year of BIG WINS as the BOLD leader you know you're capable of.


How would it feel if you were relaxed and sure about your decisions?
If spreadsheets and budget allocations were no-brainers?
If you felt poised, powerful, and calm when initiating tricky conversations?
If you stopped letting work eat into your evenings and weekends, so you could truly recharge?
If you had a smart team of women backing you up, every step of the way?

Can you imagine the happiness and fulfillment that would be a natural part of your life if you felt like an excellent CEO? One who knows how to rally, lead, and navigate without pushing herself to overwhelming extremes?

My friend, it is totally possible.



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